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alumni management software

Leverage the power of the Community

A simple and effective communication space

Nialum is a company dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions for alumni management. Our goal is to help educational institutions establish a stronger and more meaningful connection with their alumni.



Discover Nialum's revolutionary software, where personalization meets innovation. Connect with your alumni network in a unique way through your personal mobile devices. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience thanks to our administration panel, where you will have the absolute power to shape your own adventure in the application, discover a world of possibilities and unleash your creativity!



Our application gives you the opportunity to accept or decline memberships according to your interests. Forget the big social networks and join a close and committed community that will enrich your educational and professional experience!



You can share interesting content such as photos, articles, events and news with just one click. In addition, you will be able to allow community members to interact and help each other in a secure and private environment, and you will also have access to an exclusive and personalized platform with special content just for you!

Looking for a way to grow your community?

How does it work?

Nialum's software allows the educational center:

  • Offer a proprietary App for users, with the ability to accept and reject members

  • Adding, extending, removing or modifying predefined content sections

  • Interacting with content and sending push notifications to the community

  • Offering sections for leisure, culture and sports and promoting social engagement

  • Select news and publications to accept or discard them.

Simplifies and optimizes

What makes us different?

Full customization of the application

  • Include your personal logos or request for free that we create it for you.

  • Use your corporate colors and combine them to your liking.

  • Add, adapt, change and delete the predefined themes according to your preferences.

  • Configure the contents and customize the backgrounds of the different sections.

A well-managed alumni community is critical to the success of your educational institution.